Dealing With Post-Travel Seperation

Coming back from ***, all I could think about was planning my life. My return on July 12th seemed so far, so unreal. My life centred around dreaming about finally being alone and independent. And now it’s the end of October and I’ve spent countless hours wasting my phone battery scrolling through 537 photographs from my 30 weeks in ***. I think the kicker for me was how good I felt being away — and recognizing
what it was that I was so happy to be away from. I mean, what was it in my real life that felt so draining to come back to? I think getting away from reality is always good for a little soul refresh, but it felt different this time around. It physically felt like someone blowing my heart out like a balloon while hovering a pin around it as a threat.

I arrived back downtown in a hoodie like my first day of school… yes… it was that bad. Eventually, I found myself in need of some self-reflection to adjust back to *****. Like me, I’m sure there were a handful of us coming back from a …